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RO 1 - Pavement Maintenance
Pothole patching, sealing of surface cracks, reinstate edge deterioration of back filled trenches, clear vegetation on paved surface, treatment to deterioration of concrete pavement, repair to concrete pavement joints and repair to paving blocks and slabs
RO 2 - Shoulder Maintenance
Re-grading and topping up of shoulders as required, filling irregularities in unsealed shoulders and filling pavement/shoulder level differences.
RO 3 - Grass Cutting
Cut and dispose grass to the limit as per cycle
RO 4 - Road Furniture Maintenance
Cleaning of road signage, guardrails, kilometer posts and delineator posts as per cycle
RO 5 - Bridges and Culverts Maintenance
Cleaning works and removal of vegetation as per cycle
RO 7 - Drainage Maintenance
Cleaning and desilting works as per cycle
Periodic Maintenance Works
The periodic maintenance works shall comprise the following:
  1.    Preventive maintenance works
  2.    Pavement strengthening of roads
  3.    Normal preventive maintenance works on all roads, including resurfacing and all other associated works.
  Pavement Works Non-Pavement Works
Resurfing of road pavement surface and sealed road shoulders
Road widening
Upgrading the road
Reconstruction of road
Drains and culvert - repair/reconstruct/build new
Upgrading the drain and culvert at flooding area.
Slope repair (shoulder, cut slope and embankment)
Repair of road furniture - replace and installation of new guardrails, delineator posts, signboards, road studs, roadline painting, road kerbs
Repair of traffic light
Clearing the domestic waste
Clearing the blockage culvert as required
Clearing the potential fallen tree
Clearing the potential hazard to the users
improvement on road safety
Emergency Works
This category of work refers to those road maintenence activities where the occurrences of which are difficult to predict or not within the control of the Company but which have an immediate effect on road maintenance and therefore have to be dealt with without delay.
Embankment failure and road subsidence
Failure/Collapse of bridges and their related components
Collapse of culverts and drainage structures
Closure of roads due to spillage of chemicals, hazardous, toxic or inflammable materials
Closure of roads due to fallen trees